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About Us

Once upon a time in the year 2001. It all started as we created an art climbing stage out of the ordinary near our Bandcamp Outstation. Not only during the holidays there were a lot of gorgeous helpers to get away from the City to recover and share all the good and the bad with us. There was every day delicious fresh food, which we always cooked together. The Resultings were sumptuous culinary feasts extensively.

A nice country community - so if there were not an ominous income of more and more accumulated musical instruments. Thus arose over the years, after we had finished the days of action and plentiful parties, a handsome fund of recorded soundtracks which we fixed in an appropriate order on CDs. 

"Weird sessions by MFA & Friends - Music, where it's a need to have often constantly a look back to convince whether everything is okay".

Keyboard, Western-Guitar, Acoustic-Guitar, e-Guitar, Harmonium, Bass-Drum, Accordion, Harmonica, a lot of rattles and various drum noises are the basic of a the unusual music of the "Relaxation Playwrights".

Mixing some tracks at the Institute Of Sunset Studios Berlin.

M F A & Friends was founded in 2002. The inner seed were Max, Felix and Achim. Our Friends were Jacob, Mike Finn and . . .

Actually we are all scattered around the world and see each other rarely but communicate extensively via msn or Facebook. We would like to jam together again but don't have the chance atm. Currently I'm composing new sounds on keyboard, post videos, care for a current website (so excuse my horrid english grammar please) and called us freeks simply the Stoneboys Project. So check us out over Soundcloud and thanks for sharing btw . . .

Just beginning 2002 at the poor Studioroom near by the Outstation Artcamp.

UK  :  DE  

Life is really short and you should live each moment in responsibility than it would be the last. As I looked up to the moon and the stars and got this weird feeling just to wonder how many eyes looking back to me from there?

Capture cosmic frequencies and convert them into melodies. These sounds are separated from reality and stroll into a realm of the unknown. This moment is no more and the rest of our life starts right now . . .

Digital recorded:

J.K.G. – Joaquino     Synthie & PC

M.R.S. – Mr. Taylor   Piano


Analog recorded sessions:

Max Drums and all...

Felix Synthie, Guitar and all...

Achim Synthie, Piano and all...

& Friends <3


The stoneboys are a project from JKG & Friends. We all raised in Berlin with the same addiction to art, climbing and travelling.

Next songs coming soon. Big thanks for listening !


Analog and digital recorded. All tracks composed by mfa & friends, mrs. Copyright by mfa, mrs. Recorded, mastered, mixed at Outstation Studios OPR and Institute of Sunset, BERLIN

Imprint: Produced by gelix - GERMANY

Webdesign, Photos & Covers: ©

© Joachim K. Gelhaar (JKG & Joaquino)